West Bend Coffee Maker Directions

West bend coffee makers are a great addition to kitchens that prepare the tastiest “American style” coffee. It is simple to use, and can prepare enough coffee that can be served to a number of people at one time. Although there are varieties of coffee makers to explore,  west bend coffee maker is definitely the best choice. There is no need to separately boil water, and then exchange heat to prepare the coffee. With the help of west bend coffee maker, it becomes really easy to prepare the best coffee without consuming much time.


 Features of West Bend Coffee Maker
West bend coffee maker is made from high quality aluminum fitted with a plastic base. On an average, one cup of coffee can be prepared in just one minute, and in total about 55 cups can be made in 1 hour. Every west bend coffee maker has an alarm that lets you know when the coffee is ready. In this way you don’t have to wait around the machine, and can do other work if required. Once the alarm sounds, the coffee is ready, and can be served.

How to Use West Bend Coffee Maker
Although various manufactures come with different designs of coffee maker, the usual design remains the same. To use west bend coffee maker, place the coffee powder in the filter while the cold water inside the maker. Once the west bend coffee maker is ready with the initial settings, water will start boiling. Pour the boiled water on the coffee according to the taste. West Bend is one of the reputed manufacturers of coffee maker, and following their instructions help prepare a perfect coffee for family and friends.

Instructions for Preparing Coffee
Follow the guidelines given below, to use the west bend coffee maker for the first time, , and prepare a good coffee to enjoy the day.

Wash the glass container and basket with lukewarm water, and rinse it well. Fill the west bend coffee maker with warm water, clean it properly, and use a soft cloth to dry it. Once the west bend coffee maker is clean, it is ready to be used. Place it on a flat surface away from heat resistant areas. Remember that all cleaning should be done when west bend coffee maker is unplugged.
Pour cold water in west bend coffee maker, depending on the number of cups to be  prepared.

Place the glass container below the heating unit, and cover the coffee maker.
Put the right amount of coffee powder in the basket to ensure that its concentration goes well with the amount of water. Plug in the machine to generate heat from the water.
Once there is enough heat in the west bend coffee maker, coffee starts brewing, Wait for a few minutes to brew the coffee as the alarm will tell you when the coffee is ready to be served.

Follow the above instructions with the west bend coffee maker, and prepare the best coffee according to your liking.

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    Need a switch (toggle) complete with the green wiring harness for Westbend coffee maker, where can I purchase in Winnipeg, Manitoba

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    Je voudrais acheter une cafétiere West Bend 100 tasse
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    Why is it so hard to order or find out where I can purchase a new 55 cup basket and stem for my West Bend Coffee Maker 58030 # 13500, 1500 watt, 120 volt. Thank you

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