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  1. Dotty Rodbell says:

    I have a vintage West Bend 36 cup coffee pot #3536. I put desired amount of ground coffee in basket, put it on stem placed in indented spot on bottom of pot, and plugged it in. Water got hot, red light came on, but it had never perked. I tried it another time with no coffee and no basket, plugged it in, and the water shot up through stem. Tried another time with coffee again and it did not perk. What do I need to do to brew coffee?

  2. Lenora Trudeau says:

    I have a West Bend coffee maker that belonged to my mother. Its capacity is 30 cups. I don’t have original box or instructions.(I’m guessing its from the 70’s or 80’s) Need coffee maker for shower and wondered do I need a coffee filter with this ? I was told to use 2 cups of coffee for 30 cups? Would appreciate any advice you can email.

    Thank you in advance

  3. Richard Orris says:

    I have 2 30 cup West Bend Coffee pots which we used for Boy Scout Fund Raisers. We used them for one or two events and now they do not work. What can I do? I can not find a receipt and the Boy Scouts have spent close to $100 for these 2 Coffee Pots.
    I have to say that we have one West Bend 30 cup coffee pot that must be over 15 years old and it has been our “workhorse” for as long as I can remember. I can not understand how these 2 new pots could not even last a year.

  4. Robin Wright says:

    i have an 3 in 1 west bend model number 55128 and need instuctions for the espresso side. thank you.

  5. William Brainard says:

    We have a West Bend 100 cup coffee maker 63600 IG at church. The sight glass seals need replaced and I would like an extra tube as well. The tube is glass, 5/8″ in dia. X 10 3/4″ in length. Do you have such a part or would you recommend a store where I might purchase such an item? Thank you.

  6. Andy Pearcy says:

    I’m looking for a replacement cord for a 36 or 40 cup urn. Please send me a quote and link or phone number where to order it.

  7. billy adams says:

    got two of the 100 cup pots for church. do they require a filter. it gets a lot of grounds in the coffee. used a paper towel last sunday and it was better. any suggestions

  8. Dorene Sheldon says:

    Would like to replace the spout on Cat No 33600; 100 cup coffee pot
    service No -08; Watts 1500; Volts 120
    Who can I contact concerning getting this part if it is available?

    Thank you

  9. Carla Pfeifle says:

    I’m looking for the long vertical spout that goes inside a 30 cup coffee maker and holds the basket up. It’s a West Bend catalog 29308. Can you help me?

  10. Larry Myshyniuk says:

    I have a West bend 100 cup coffee maker.. does this machine NEED a filter.. cannot find ANY information on your websites… ????

  11. Clara Horton says:

    need a cord for a west bend 12-42 cup coffee maker. # 58002

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