West Bend Coffee Maker Instructions

West bend coffee maker comes in various models, and each model varies in size and capacity. West Bend has manufactured 30 cup coffee maker, 36 cup coffee maker, 42 cups, 100 cups, and much more. According to the needs and budget, one can opt for the best size of west bend coffee maker. Though the models differ from one another, its working is same, and is quite easy to use. People using the west bend coffee maker for the first time will need some guidance to fully utilize the features, and get acquainted with its use.

Before start using west bend coffee maker, one can go through a brief set of instructions that include:-

Unplug the west bend coffee maker to first clean all its components such as glass container, basket, and stem. These components must be cleaned properly with a soap solution. Rinse and dry the components well before using them.

Now fill the west bend coffee maker with water, and clean the inner portion with a soft sponge. Drain out the water through the spout, and rinse it again. The coffee maker is now ready for use.

Pour cold water into the west bend coffee maker, and close the lid. Add coffee to the basket keeping in mind the taste of the family members or friends. Some are fond of hard coffee while some may prefer light. Proper brewing should be done, or else the taste will be spoilt. It is therefore important to follow step by step process that will help make the best and tasty coffee.

Plug in the west bend coffee maker to 120 volts to ensure right brewing. On an average, each cup takes about 1 minute for complete brewing. There is an automatic alarm in the west bend coffee maker which sounds once the brewing is over. Therefore there is no need to calculate the time as the alarm will sound automatically once the process is complete.

As soon as the alarm of west bend coffee maker sounds, pour out the water onto the coffee, and start serving. One should not leave the coffee after brewing inside the percolator as the taste can become bitter.

When served the coffee, unplug the west bend coffee maker, and let it cool. One must not open the lid immediately as it can burn the user with the amount of heat stored in the west bend coffee maker. It is necessary to keep precautions while making coffee for a better experience.

With the help of the above instructions, it will surely become simple for the people to prepare coffee any time they want. West bend coffee maker offers a hassle free experience for the people as it consumes less time, and allows coffee lovers to enjoy the finest taste of coffee.

While using west bend coffee maker, keep in mind a few important tips for long term use. Ask the children to stay away from west bend coffee maker as they can get burnt, or may get electric shock.

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