West Bend Coffee Maker Replacement Parts

West bend coffee makers are very popular owing to its brilliant features, and the perfect coffee that can be prepared from it. The west bend coffee maker comes with a one year warranty, and all its parts are made of high quality material. Though the user encounters no problem with any of the west bend coffee maker components, if something goes wrong, the part can be replaced from the West Bend service center. If users want to collect information about replacement parts of west bend coffee maker, they can read through this article for more details.

Replacement parts of west bend coffee maker are easily available at its service centers or other online stores. Different kinds of parts can be replaced depending on the condition. Below is the list of replacement parts of west bend coffee maker:

Coffee Maker Base – Base of west bend coffee maker can be replaced if it is cracked, or does not fit well with the coffee maker. If the west bend coffee maker is in the warranty period, it can be replaced free of cost, or has to be purchased from the service center. Search for other online stores where its base is available, at reasonable price. When the right match is found, place the order for the base mentioning the model number of the coffee maker for which it is to be used.

Glass Container – Glass container that comes along with west bend coffee maker is of superior quality, and therefore it has to be handled properly. There are chances that it can break if proper care is not taken. Such jars are very difficult to find anywhere else thus one has to locate West Bend service center to place the order. As glass containers come in variable sizes, one can opt for the right size that goes with your needs.

West Bend Coffee Maker Cords – Electric cord of west bend coffee maker can also be replaced if in case it is not able to pass the current to the device. Take the cord to the service center where the concerned professionals test it, and try to diagnose the issue. As the problem is found and is repairable, the technicians repair the cord. If not, it can be replaced with a new one. Its cost is reasonable, and can easily fit in the budget.

Handles – Even the handles of west bend coffee maker can be replaced. Sometimes over heating may cause the handles to get cracked even though they are made of superior quality. Although very few problems come up with the handles they can be replaced if the damage is severe.

Other parts of west bend coffee maker that can be replaced include lids, faucets, thermostats, stems, pumps, and many more. If one encounters any problem with the west bend coffee maker, the user can straight away bring it to the service center, to get appropriate solution.

Service center of West Bend keeps a surplus supply of all kinds of west bend coffee maker replacement parts. Therefore it is easily made available to the customers depending on their needs, at reasonable prices.

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10 Responses to West Bend Coffee Maker Replacement Parts

  1. Rodney Charlesworth says:

    Trying to find a replacement thermostat for our West Bend 55 cup coffee maker.
    Only numbers on its base are : cat no. 59045, service no. 0026.
    Can you help me out with that?

  2. Sarah Phillips says:

    I need a replacement spindle for the inside of my 55 cup Wesbend Coffee Maker.
    Cat. No. 58075D

  3. eddie bennett says:

    i need a heating element for a 12 cup perk

  4. james genesky says:

    I need a replacement handle for a west bend 55 cup coffee maker,model#13500

  5. pierre chagnon says:

    je cherche un robinet pour le west bend le mien est brisé 3512

  6. Alfredo Centeno says:

    I need a replacement toggle switch for CAT NO. 33600 coffee maker

  7. Jane Woods says:

    Replacement cord for Westbend Party Perk #57130 for use with Grief Support Groups.

  8. JOAN JONES says:

    I need a basket for a 100 cup west bend coffee maker. The stem in the center of the basket broke off and is missing which holds the long stem in place. Where can I get this replacement.

  9. Clara Horton says:

    I am looking for a cord for a Weat Bend coffee maker 58002.

  10. Toby Leonard says:

    I need a toggle switch for my west bend coffee maker cat no 33600 service number 53600-1…1500 watt 120 volt


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